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About 4-Leaf

4-Leaf Coders is a small business started by Matt Johnson in 2013. The goal of 4-Leaf Coders is to design and construct web based programming solutions for small businesses or demonstrations.

Matt Johnson has been writing computer programs since he was introduced to computers in the late 1970's. Matt received his A.A.S. degree in Data Processing in New York, specializing in COBOL, RPG and Assembly languages. After a 4 year enlistment with the United States Marine Corps, he began working for a major defense contractor and became proficient with Digital Corporation's VAX computers. Mr. Johnson then learned a favorite computer language known as "C". From there he gravitated to OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and learned C++.

Believing that Microsoft was ready to handle most corporate computer application paradigms, Matt learned Visual Basic then C# using the .NET platform. Matt continued his studies by attending Dowling College in Oakdale, New York. Most recently Matt has directed 4-Leaf Coders to specialize in Web based applications leveraging Window's Communication Foundation (WCF), ASP.NET, MVC and Entity Framework to solve a variety of client's programming needs.

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Need Database Help?

At 4-Leaf Coders, we can write the code you need to interact with your customers. We can handle all inventory transactions including customers and billing. We can select and sort data from your database to present clearly written status reports. We specialize in SQL Server using SSRS and SSIS. Consider 4-Leaf Coders when you think web and database.

Need N-tier Architecture?

We believe in a strong separation of code units between your customer interface, business logic and database activity. As of 2015, we have moved to the MVC 5 design. We write our code in C# using the latest .NET releases and internet security best practices.

Need a Great Web Site?

Yes, we can do that also. We work with ASP and Visual Studio to host your applications in IIS with WCF or WebAPI web services. We also work with HTML/CSS using JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form for details.