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SEO Tutorial:

Describe what is SEO and why is important to have a “search engine friendly” website.
Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of making a website more visible to internet users to generate web traffic or visits to your website.

Describe what is a web crawler (web spider or robot) and what is its function in search engines.
It is a tool that seeks out websites and indexes specific information it finds on those web pages to make them searchable.

What are meta tags?
Meta tags are HTML tags, invisible to the web users that provide information that the web designer wants to give web crawlers to promote the website.

Which are the roles of the following attributes in SEO:
• Keyword attribute- a Meta tag parameter used to specify keywords of your website.
• Descriptions Attribute- a Meta tag parameter used to specify a brief description of your website.
• Page title- HTML tag used to convey what this page is about.
• Domain name- the search indexer uses your domain name to find other pages in your website.

Describe what is Spamdexing?
Spamdexing is when a web designer/developer attempts to unfairly improve SEO by repeating keywords and descriptions. Search engines can find this and remove the website from index consideration.

What are natural or organic search results?
These phrases refer to a search that returns a result set built by normal search engine techniques as opposed to a search result set where items are listed at the top because some website paid the search engine to be on top/popular.

Briefly describe the following search engine marketing methods:
• Pay Per Click (PPC)- Internet advertising model where a company pays a web host to display ads and pays the host some amount each time the ad is clicked on by a user.
• Paid Inclusion- this is where a website pays a search engine to guarantee a high ranking for your site for certain search keywords.
• Video Search Marketing- this is when a website that uses video appears in typical search engine websites. When the result is clicked on, the user will be directed to a specific video rather than another text-based website.
• Sponsored Listings- when an advertiser pays a search engine to generate a set of links designed to bring the customer to a specific web page.
• Google-AdSense- this is a free way for a website to allow ads from Google and its sponsors to be posted on your website. In return you get paid for the amount of traffic your website diverts to the sponsor.

Describe and give an example of white hat SEO and black hat SEO.
A “black hat” SEO is when someone uses questionable techniques to generate traffic to their website. An example is to place a keyword link to your website in in all of your client’s footers. Black hat techniques are often found by search engines and as a result, those search engines may ignore your website.
A “white hat” SEO is when a website is designed in a efficient way to allow search engines to properly sort through the website and form genuine specific index content to make your website rank highly in a search. An example of this would be using CSS pages for all your page styling. This allows the search engine to see leaner HTML code and gather only what is needed to properly index your content.

Webmaster Guidelines

Major search engines have Webmaster Guidelines to help search engines find, index, and rank their sites. Please go to the following websites and pick the 5 most important guidelines for Google and Bing search engines:


• Create clear, accurate page titles.
• Make use of the "description" meta tag.
• Improve the structure of your URLs.
• Make your site easier to navigate.Offer quality content and services.


• Provide clear, deep, easy to find content.
• Links help Bing find new content and establish a vote of confidence between websites.
• Having a good social media influence to rank higher in search results.
• Indexation is the first step to developing traffic from Bing.
• Ensure a reasonable page load time.

Google’s Webmaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster Tools is a great resource for web designers. Write a brief summary the 5 most important tools.
Diagnostics Tab – Provides an overview of the latest web crawl errors Google encountered.
The Crawl Rate - You want to be sure that Google does not want to crawl your site faster. You can check kilobytes download and pages crawled per day.
Statistics Tab – Clicking “Page analysis”, there are two tables showing the common words for both your site’s content, and the common words in external links to your site.
The Links Tab - This shows an overview of all the pages on your site which Google has found links to, and the amount of links it has found to these pages.
The Sitemap - Submit a Sitemap usingGoogle Web Master Tools. Google uses your Sitemap to learn about the structure of your site and to increase the coverage of your webpages.